lightweight, feature-heavy front-end framework

with a picture of a cat

Increase conversion by decreasing page load time down to <5" on slow mobile networks. Improve development by using standard building blocks that are flexible to customise and combine. Improve stability and compatibility by not pushing the browsers more than necessary. With the negligible weight of ~15 KB (9K required), remove the barrier between your product and your customers everywhere.


  • Unbreakable, flexible, responsive
  • Built for edge cases with overflowing content
  • Blank default style
  • Navigation
  • Buttons
  • Modal windows
  • Lightbox galleries
  • Tooltips
  • Lists
  • Forms
  • Sliders
  • Fold (Accordions)
  • Tabs
  • Cards
  • Tables
  • Sticky footer
  • Animated anchor links
  • Aspect ratio image container
  • 268 types of Slider/Lightbox/Tabs and their options
  • RTL layout ready
  • Masonry
  • All components accessible by keyboard
  • Dynamic components
  • Parallax scroll
  • WordPress theme
  • Functional without JS and accessible without CSS
  • 9 KB CSS and optional 8 KB JS
  • Lite version
  • No dependencies
  • async JS support
  • Guide
  • Support for IE8+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android 2.3+, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Graceful degradation
  • Includes a FREE picture of a cat
  • More