Meet Pebble Time Round.

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Still a watch.
Just smarter.

Pebble watch gives you more than just the time. It gives you what you need,
when you need it. So you can leave that smartphone in your pocket.

Showing Timeline on Pebble Time Round

Cut straight
to the good stuff.

Notifications and at-a-glance structure
put you back in control of your busy life.

Showing Incoming Call on Pebble Time

Get. It. Done.

Pebble smartwatches use a simple, timeline-based interface
that allows you to see what’s coming up, check what you’ve missed, and well, just be.

Showing Timeline on Pebble Time Steel

Keeping tabs.

With downloadable activity and sleep tracking apps,
you get access to the data that you want to know.

Showing Misfit® on Pebble Time

We don't pick favorites.

Compatible with both Android™
and iPhone® smartphone devices.*

Showing Complications watchface on Pebble Time Round

Right where you need it.

No enhancement necessary.
Battery for days, envy for miles.

Showing Battery Life on Pebble Time Steel

So, go ahead.
Leave that smartphone
in your pocket.

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*Sending voice replies works with most major Android™ apps including SMS, Hangouts, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and hundreds more.
Voice features for iPhone® users will be available in a future software update.